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Adam Wiscomb,  L.Ac.,SF acupuncturistTop SF Acupuncturist, Adam Wiscomb, L.Ac.


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About Adam Wiscomb L.Ac.DAOM, Top SF Acupuncturist

with Middle Path Acupuncture

I was born and raised here in San Francisco (yes, some of us actually had the pleasure of growing up in this beautiful city!) where I have had the good fortune to encounter a diverse range of cultures and languages that have always fascinated me. Through my passion for West African music, Latin American literature and Chinese medicine, I have studied several languages and come to speak fluent French, Spanish and Portuguese and am at the daunting beginnings of learning Mandarin!
My interest in acupuncture began in 2000. I was just beginning a year and a half of studying acupressure at The Acupressure Institute in Berkeley. At the end of my studies there my intrigue was strong and my desire to deepen my understanding of Chinese medicine was growing quickly. After seeking acupuncture treatments for my own health issues and obtaining amazing results, I knew then I would follow my interest towards a career as an acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
In my career today I am choosing to stay in my hometown and serve my diverse community here. Earning my M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine from ACTCM in San Francisco and went on to complete my doctorate in 2013. I am licensed in the state of California to practice acupuncture and prescribe Chinese herbal medicine. I am also nationally board certified to practice acupuncture and TCM with the NCCAOM. I hold my CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) in Tui Na acupressure.
For me Middle Path is an approach to a life of balanced and optimal health. I have reduced the focus of my treatments to three stages: Balance is healing what is injured, draining what is congested and nourishing what is weak. Harmony is reestablishing the proper relationships between the energies of the affected meridians. Vitality is the feeling of physical and mental comfort and ease my patients experience as we make progress towards their optimal health.
I do not simply attempt to treat symptoms, nor do I treat diseases. I treat people. My focus in practicing TCM is holistic; I seek to understand the entire person and the health pattern they have. This philosophy has always resonated very deeply with me. As you will hear in the testimonial videos, the feedback I get from my patients speaks not only to the effectiveness of my treatments in getting the results they need, but to the safety, comfort and ease they feel when they come in for their appointments (especially if it was their first time having acupuncture). I am interested in being my patients’ partner in meeting their complete health goals. With every opportunity I seek to empower my patients with education about their health and diagnosis. I offer frequent progress reports, give instruction on proper therapeutic stretching, answer the myriad questions they have, provide dietary counseling and explain the function of the herbal medicine I am prescribing so my patients may make informed, healthy choices and essentially continue their treatment when they are going about their daily lives.