Removing Your Pain With Complementary Manual Therapy

I practice three styles of manual therapy to complement acupuncture treatments for pain.

– Acupressure is a style of bodywork that works with the acupuncture point meridian system to release congested energy, invigorate blood flow and stretch fascia. The type I use is a Chinese style of acupressure called Tui Na.

– Myofascial Trigger Point Release is the contribution of Dr. Janet Travell, M.D. and Dr. David Simon, M.D. Their breakthrough research into the predictable patterns of where we feel pain and where its source is located makes it truly unparalleled. Pain in the shoulder blade that is coming from a tight muscle in the neck? This and other patterns  of referred pain I see every week in my office. Knowing human anatomy very well and having  the ability to treat these painful trigger points is necessary to resolve or give lasting relief of chronic pain.

– ART stands for Active Release Technique and is a great way to retrain muscles to function properly after releasing them with acupuncture.