Testimonials for Dr. Adam Wiscomb and Middle Path Acupuncture

“ I had horrible shoulder pain for the past 3 years. When I came to see Adam I was training for a triathlon. I had tried everything, had an MRI and nothing seemed to work. After the first treatment with Adam there was significant improvement, after the second there was almost no pain, and after the fourth I am the best I’ve been in 5 years.”
Lauren—Shoulder Pain

“I was having issues with my allergies that my doctor could not deal with. I was worried my life was going to be taken over by my allergies. I came to see Adam for allergy relief and now I am off all the drugs and antihistamines I was taking. I continue to come to see Adam for allergy relief and now I am off all the drugs and antihistamines I was taking. I continue to come to see Adam because he is very caring and treats me as an individual”
Matthew—Chronic Allergies

“I came to see Adam because my knees were aching… I received one treatment and I noticed that I had no pain after my session, which was about an hour…about an hour interview and then a 30 minute treatment with acupuncture. I haven’t had knee pain since. I thought Adam was great. I liked his thoroughness; I liked the fact that he was so knowledgeable; very relaxing. Trust him, great guy, I’d recommend him to anybody.”
Linda—Chronic Pain (Knees)

“I came to see Adam because I had some problems with ADD. I was feeling generally very scattered. After my first treatment I felt incredibly relaxed, calm and centered. Adam is among the top health care professionals I have ever dealt with.”
Ron—Attention Deficit Disorder

“I came to see Adam for my low back pain; I had an injury in my lower back, I had a pinched nerve. I noticed immediately after the first treatment that it was completely different; the pain was totally gone. He seemed very astute and specific and focused and knew the connections between the nerves and muscles and the organs very well. I was definitely very happy with the service as well. Very personable and I felt very comfortable.”
Elizabeth—Chronic Pain (Lower Back Pain)

“I came to see Adam because I have a very busy and stressful business life. This was the first time I had ever had acupuncture. It was totally painless. All the tension seemed to just flow right out of me. When I left it was like I had just received a 2-hour massage with just little needles in me.”

“I came to see Adam because I was experiencing severe vertigo for about a month. Adam was very personable and understood what I was going through. I was surprised to find that after the first visit I experienced great relief. After 4 visits I had no more dizziness. It was pretty incredible.”
– Stacey—Vertigo